Preferred Custom Blinds & Shutters
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Specializing in Norman® Products including:

  • Brightwood™ Shutters and Woodlore™ Shutters: available in five shades of white only 
  • Normandy™ Shutters: available in 24 different colors
  • Sussex™ Shutters: available in 50 stains and paints plus custom colors
  • Norman™ Fauxwood Blinds: Norman™ Wood Blinds: available in shades of white and wood tones 
  • NEW Smart Privacy™ Norman® Blinds: features tighter closure, enhanced privacy, and greater light control available in shades of white and wood tones
  • Norman™ Cellular Shades, Roman Shades and Roller Shades: large assortment available

Also Specializing in other quality window treatments including:

  •  "Budget" Fauxwood Blinds: available in four shades of white, smooth or embossed texture only
  •  Fauxwood Custom Blinds: available in ten colors including whites and wood tones, smooth or embossed texture
  •  Wood Custom Blinds: available in fourteen colors including whites and wood tones
  •  Commercial Perfection Blinds: available perforated or non-perforated. Available in Snow White or  Antique White only
  •  Specialty Shapes: available for Side lights, French Doors, Transoms windows, etc.

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